I’ve noticed lately that I fell off the wagon…  I used to start my mornings with my breathing exercises followed with my morning laughter meditation – laughing for at least 5-8 minutes every morning. Lately, I’ve noticed that I don’t do that anymore. I don’t start my days with oxygen and laughter as I used to…  and I feel bad about that. I feel bad and SOMETHING’S MISSING!

So I’ve decided to take responsibility for that and what better way than to to it with my Sisters! At least, the laughing part! This way, you all become my accountability Sisters!

If you or a woman you know are in need of a laughter boost to jump start your morning with joy and love, then make sure you are online with me on our FB group (not the page! The group!) and laugh with me every morning at 8:30am ET.

I’m doing this for 7 days to begin with. We’ll see how I can do that…  and we’ll see if it can be done longer than 7 days!

Share with me what you need to laugh about (is that the way to write this?! hahaha! Not sure but I guess you get my point…). This morning I had 5 subjects I wanted to bring laughter into: the sunny day, having the chance to spend some time with you live, the mess in my office, seasonal allergies and being so late with many tasks…  Share yours with me and we’ll all laugh together about those!

I sure can say that I feel way more light today and my energy is coming back!

Take good care and keep in touch!

Love as always

Your HAHA Sister