Forgive… Just saw a post on Facebook a few minutes ago and it really resonated with me. It said this:

I’m mature enough to forgive you.  But I’m not dumb enough to trust you again.

It resonated with me for a few reasons. I find myself in need to forgive someone who was really REALLY important to me for years. What happened with that person broke my heart. It was a very difficult and painful process and I cried… a lot.  And then I cursed. And cried more. It has been a few months now and I feel it is time to let go, to move on. Though it’s really hard as the pain goes deep, I owe it to myself to allow some peace back into my heart whenever I come to see or think of that person.

Forgive.  That’s the key word here.

That was always a notion I was aspiring to perfect. When I was a kid, the whole concept of forgiveness meant something a Saint would do! Forgive and love. Love enough to recognize that human beings do right and do not so right.

As an adult, the whole concept of forgiveness became not so clear. When a man I was involved with and loved had an affair with another woman, what was I supposed to do?  Forgive and forget?  Leave him? And what about a colleague backstabbing me to get a promotion?  Or a boss firing me on false pretenses?  Forgiveness was not such a clear and easy option. I was not a Saint…

And yet, if we do not allow ourselves the grace to forgive, we might miss the grace of love.

Laughing with people who have hurt me is a way to opening a door – opening it just little enough to experience a certain kind of forgiveness.

It is impossible for me to laugh with them, looking at them in the eyes, and think “You b…… I resent you!”

Once you let go, open up and really look at them in the eyes while laughing, a faint signal is sent…  a thin wire connecting you is woven between you and that person. A silver wire. Carrying peace, hope and love.

I am getting myself ready to experience that feeling…  I need to make peace with my hurt, my love, my human experience.

Will I trust that person again?  I just do not think so.  But I will be able to face the person with no anger or hurt in my heart. And that’s the best I can ask myself for now!

What are your thoughts on that?

Be well my darling Sisters

Your HAHA Sister, Linda

P.S.  I found a forgiveness meditation on YouTube.  Might not be perfect but it’s good!  Let’s create one together!  Who’s in it with me?

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