Find a group

Someday soon, we will have a map of the world here and you will only have to click on your country and area to find HAHA Sisters near you!

Start a group

We are everywhere!  You don’t need to wait for us to reach out and meet you before you start to laugh together!

It can simply begin as an informal group of women, getting together to laugh!

But whatever you do right now, please let us know! Blow your whistle and share with us what you’re up to! Hahaha! 

Organize an event

Would you like to organize something BIG in your part of the world? YAY!  We like that!

Please, contact us and we will talk (and laugh) about that with you!

Dream BIG Sisters!  Dream BIG!  AND LAUGH!

Be a Sponsor

Okay. This is happening and lots of women are involved in this community! 

We need people that are happy to help and we are happy to promote them in different ways!

You can donate financially, gifts-in-kind, sponsor or organize a whole event, sponsor a class of girls for one of our programs…  There are numerous options!

Contact us

Invite Linda to your Event!

Hey!  She’s the founder!  The HAHA Sisterhood Mamma! So who can best …!