This year I think it’s even more important do actively DO something on IWD.

It is time we do something “together”.

March 8 is this week and I wonder if each of us could actively do something to create a loving ripple effect in our communities… I have seen this in my dreams!

On Friday, here’s what I suggest we all do.

  • Gather a group of women (or just one friend) and go for lunch or coffee and LAUGH in public AND IF YOU DO, Make sure you take a picture and post it with the hashtag #hahasisterhoodinaction
  • Call your friends and ask them to LAUGH with you for one minute
  • While you are together, each say something you are grateful for, something you like about your life, something you love about your friends, something you ADORE about yourself. Celebrate the wonderful “imprefectly perfect” beings we are
  • Might also be a ZOOM call to BE together for a few minutes and celebrate this special day.

Guess what might just happen?

POSITIVE VIBES around the world! YASSSSS!

Remember what you’ve committed to? Laughing every day, be seen laughing every day (that goes for being heard!), helping a Sister (or a Brother) to laugh every day, and never go to bed without having done something positive and good for yourself or/and for another being!

I love you dearly and keep you close to my heart

Your HAHA Sister, Linda