This is what I read a while ago.

Stop, don’t make me laugh, my teeth will go flying!  My mom used to be self-conscious about her dentures. However her flying teeth have been a source of laughter for the whole family. In my mind’s eye, I see all of us sitting at the kitchen table; something funny is happening and everyone is laughing. Suddenly my mom’s teeth go flying. There is a slight moment of panic, we all wait for it, and then my mother bursts out too. We are rolling with laughter!

My mother is the “laughter leader” in our family. Her connection with us through healthy laughter taught us all about the positive energy that can be created through laughter. These are such a great memories and such a wonderful legacy. Merci maman!

It comes from a book called Leadership Gurus Speak Out and this quote is from my dear friend, the one and only Rolande Kirouac, owner of Spadrole in Winnipeg, Canada.

When I read those few words, it blew my mind how true this was!  A mother laughing with her children is showing them the very best way to develop a strong bond, build balance and have better relationships. In Rolande’s words, I saw the whole idea of why it is so important for HAHA Sisters who are mothers, to cultivate a mirthful attitude – for this is a great catalyst to create a positive environment!

If Rolande can remember – as a grown-up adult – imagine the magic we can create for our children if we laugh more in front of them and with them!

Let’s LAUGH Sisters!


Your HAHA Sister, Linda

P.S. If you are interested in purchasing a great audio CD of laughter, I strongly recommend hers!  It’s called “HA!”

P.P.S. Rolande and I got trained as Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers in beautiful BC in April 2005. To this day, I can still hear her laughter! ROFLOL? Oh YEAH!… Snort!